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Sky Mall Multiplex

Become a proud owner of Multiplex Commercial property of area 21850 sqft available at Sky Mall Multiplex

You Dream, We build

Building sensible design and adapting conscious engineering methods to create spaces that are an affair of the heart.


They say how you live is how you drive. 

We understand the tight influence of ecosystem on human well-being. Making experiences enjoyable and pleasant is at the center of our thought construction for every project. 

We aim to build environments that not only embody your dreams but help manifest future ones.





About Us

Builder’s profile

Over 3 decades of experience in investigation, design, and construction of herculean City Planning Govt projects spanning Road Developments, Flyover projects, and Commercial Complexes. Aggregating to Rupees 70563 million in cost.
Such competence translates to 12 private projects, Residential - Apartments and Gated Communities, Commercial - Corporate space,  Mall, and Multiplex summing to 34,28000 Sq.ft in area and Rupees 3926.5 million in cost. 
We take pride in the speed at which we execute and deliver on what we promise. 

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+91-98499 09809

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